Friday, July 2, 2010

A Great Fishing Day At Camp!

So yesterday was crappy. Really really really crappy. To make myself feel better I tried to write a list of 100 things that make me happy. I got to 16 and gave up. I don't feel like going in to details of EVERYTHING that went wrong, but there was a lot. Bad day. Near the end it got a little better cause I was hanging out with some cool people.

I also experienced among the greatest guilt I have ever felt. I wanted to cry. I was walking a camper back to the cabin from the archery range and the mosquitoes were BAD. We were almost out of the woods (literally AND figuratively) when she let out a pittiful cry of "Ooowwww..." She doesn't have the best control of her arms so she can't swat away mosquitoes and her chair is about as tall as me so I couldn't see her. So I stopped and walked around to the front of the chair and to my complete and utter HORROR she was COVERED in mosquitoes and crying. I swatted the mosquitoes away saying to her, "oh my god I'm so sorry I'm so sorry! I'll get you out of here!" I went as fast as I could go pushing a heavy chair out of those woods. I still feel awful when I think about it.

So that was yesterday, but today is going quite well. I had my first actual program in a while today. We went fishing and everyone caught at least one little fish. It was great! I've also officially fallen in love with all of the campers in my cabin. Anywho. I WOULD write more, but I'm going to keep it shortish for today. I want to go be free for the rest of my rest hour!

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