Thursday, July 8, 2010

A New Week, New Challenges, New Frustrations, and... oh wait, did I say a week? I meant two weeks.

Yep. TWO weeks this time. And I'm feeling sick. Cool.

Today was a bad day. It started with me missing my exit to get to camp and arriving 10 minutes late (with a little bit of speeding, but never more than 10 miles over the limit on the highway and 5 off.) Then it got worse when someone took my bed from my room without asking me (and they moved all of my stuff off my bed). I mean I understand that you need an extra bed for the campers but A) my bed is not the only one of that kind on my floor, in fact there are several unoccupied beds of that variety. and B) DON'T EVER TOUCH MY STUFF, ESPECIALLY MY COMPUTER, WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE, EVER AGAIN!!!!!

Note: Firefox just crashed and had I lost all of this, today's blog entry would have been simply a string of profanities.

I'm also just plain irritable. I did have a fun time playing tag with the campers and other staff so that's cool.

But now I haz a grumpy. I wish I had wonderful happy things to write about today, but I am busy wallowing. I'm sorry this entry isn't more interesting. I feel sick and I want to go to bed.

Oh! I thought of something happy and humorous to share with you! This week's camp is a speech and language pathology camp. One of our kids is here to work on his conversation skills. You see, he always sticks to one topic and he needs to learn how to explore other topics he might not be as interested in. I do not think I should be the one to work with this boy as I would also get caught up in a conversation about this particular topic for AGES. The topic we must avoid with him is.... dogs. Yes, its not the best idea for me to work with him. :D

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