Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A For Real Good Day!

Today was great. Its the day in the middle of our two week camp, so we're switching the theme. To switch the theme we had an in between day today. The theme of our transition day was "backwards day." We switched up the schedule, had a pool party, had a lake party, had a LIFE party. Today was just awesome.

I think my favorite part of today was the pool party. I had tons of fun playing with some of the kids in the pool. One girl was pretending to be a "snapping octo-turtle." She ate my arms and legs. Another kid kept running up to me all day and poking me and since it was such a good day, I wasn't even annoyed by it!

Another "best of" at the pool party was when one boy, the one who is severely autistic, walked up to his ankles in to the pool, dropped his drawers, and peed in to the pool. Win.

I was supposed to have a nature program today. I found out about it about an hour and a half before the program and had to throw it together which took that whole time, because due to weather it had to be an indoor program and not at the nature building because that's a long walk away. I finally put together a beautiful program and found a room to hold the class in and thennn..... The group didn't show up. They decided to go to another program instead and not tell me. *pout*

So yes. July 14 2010 shall go down in history as a good day for Emmi.

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  1. Every day is a good day. Bad days are just good days with some idiots thrown in to make idiot free days seem awesome