Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Much Awaited Dance

Tonight was the night everyone, camper and staff, has been waiting for for two weeks. The dance. Tomorrow is the last day before out take so that is always the closing camp fire for the evening activity so tonight was the last evening program that is not predetermined. Again, all of the campers had their dates. Two of our campers had been "boyfriend and girlfriend" through most of camp and the girl broke up with the boy RIGHT before the dance. What a meanie, right? So he was all sad through a lot of it but one of the counselors cheered him up a bit. the sad thing is that he's a really nice kid, and she... well not as much. Oh well. It was a fun night of dancing and silliness.

The thing I love about the dance is that the kids and counselors all get in to it in a really awesome way. I mean everyone gets in to capture the flag, but that often ends up making the 2 sides mad at each other, and the counselors get WAY more competitive than the kids and it can just get bad. The other things either only appeal to certain people, only appeal to the kids, or just suck. The dance is fun for everyone. Even the kids who don't like to dance get something out of it because counselors come to sit with and hang out with them and usually dance like an idiot for them to encourage the kids to dance. One girl didn't want to dance and i made her the offer that anything stupid or embarrassing she did I would do something 3 times worse. It didn't work. I was sad.

So I'm very tired and I really want to go to bed. Sorry this is so short tonight!

Oh, also, I found a big toad today. He was about as big as the palm of my hand and he was a fatty. I named him Roland.

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