Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Triumphant Return!!!

Sorry I haven't written in a while, and that I never finished talking about the last session. Its been a busy weekend! I'll explain later what all has been going on, but for now I am not at liberty to disclose that information.

I wish I could have wrote a novel about that last session as it was awesome, but now the new session has begun and I'm moving on. Oh, by the way, this time I pretty much fell in love with the campers IMMEDIATELY!!! I'm working in a cabin this week. I'll be doing cares for kids with physical disabilities. They are all so spunky! One little girl's case file said on a side note to beware, as she is "very sassy." No truer words have been said! Holy cow that girl has some attitude! There was supposed to be a little girl here with hydrocephalus (like me) who goes to the same surgeon as I do, but she got an infection of sorts and couldn't come to camp. I'm sooo sad about that!! I wanted to be Dr. Nagib buddies!!! *pout*

Anywho! The girls in the specific room I work in for cares are really fun. One of them has a Google encyclopedia which she's reading for pleasure. she's OBSESSED with chemistry and computer science. Last night she read her book by flashlight after lights out and when I came to the cabin the next morning she told me ALL about Max Planck's work. This is when I informed her that she should study hard, because I nearly failed college chem. She was mortified that I could be so irresponsible and unstudious (is that a word?).

Some of the girls warmed up to me really quickly this session. I'm already getting hugs left and right, and the kids know my name! This is awesome. Even with the two week program last session the kids never got this close with me. I like working in the cabins!

I'm hopefully going to be going on the overnight this session, that is if they go on one. I haven't gone on any camper over nights and I'm way excited! I suppose that's another big perk of A) working in the cabins and B) not having many programs this week. Speaking of which, I am going from having like 20 something programs last session to 6 this session. I don't know what to do with all of the time I don't have to spend planning! Oh right, yes I do. I can hang out with the cabin!

I also have a pretty hefty to do list with non camp related things. I REALLY have to start trying to find a school job (like, really really REALLY) and I have an application to fill out so that I may hopefully get a scholarship from Camp Courage! I would like that quite a lot! Once this session is done I have 6 days to do this stuff, but I'd rather get it done now. The job application business I would like to get done two weeks ago, but that train left the station two weeks ago!! So I'm chugging away at that lately. Its been complicated though because I can't print anything off in this computer lab because the printer only prints PDF format. So everything I want to print has to be sent to my mom to convert, because i don't know how to do it myself and I don't have time to learn, though I'm sure it would be easy. I'm lazy. And busy. Fatal combination.

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