Friday, October 22, 2010

Peanut Butter

So I was working on writing another blog post when I ran in to some technical difficulties getting some pictures I need to load on to my computer so instead I decided to tell you what I did tonight.

Nothing. But I made up a fun voice with which to say peanut butter over and over again.

Then I wrote a song about peanut butter to sing in the peanut butter voice.

This is how it goes:

Na-na-na-na Peanut butter, peanut butter
Na-na-na-na Peanut butter, peanut butter
Peanut butter peanut butter nom nom nomnom
I like to nom on Peanut butter peanut butter

You'd have to hear me singing it to get the full effect of its awesomeness.

Also, while eating my peanut butter and jelly sammich(but really just a ton of peanut butter with some jelly and bread) I came up with the brilliant idea to dip my PB(+maybe some j and bread) sammich in my cinnemon apple sauce. Why, you ask? Back off, don't ask stupid questions. BECAUSE I SAID SO, THAT'S WHY!

The first bite was INCREDIBLE. It was enough to make me decide to take a spoon full of peanut butter and a spoonful of apple sauce and eat them both at the exact same time. Bad idea. Texture differences abound, and it turns out the two don't taste as good together as I had previously thought. I went back to dipping my sammich in my apple sauce. It was too late. That was icky now too.

And that's how I made an incredible discovery and ruined it within 30 seconds.

Na-na-na-na Peanut Butter Peanut Butter.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To The Toilet I Used At the DECC

Toilet, I admire your willingness and eagerness to do your job fully and effectively, and I suppose I should have taken seriously your warning when I opened the stall door. You know, when you flushed as if to say, "watch out. I'm one of those automatic flushy toilets and I will do my job as I please, damn it."

I did not take this warning seriously. You see, I was playing in the pep band so I really had only a very small window of opportunity to pee and get back in time to play again. Also, I really REALLY had to go. So I went.

Lets start from the very beginning of our acquaintance, toilet. I open the stall door. You give me a warning flush. I close the stall door, you flush again incase I didn't notice the first flush. I sit down, you flush three times in my duration of peeing. I have a rather small bladder so it was pretty much constant flushing on your part. I finish doing my thing and stand up, ready for your valiant final flush. Nothing. WTH toilet? Way to talk yourself up and then do NOTHING. I dance around like a lunatic or perhaps in some sort of ceremonial-automatic-flushy-toilet-dance, this pleases you. You flush. Twice.

Way to go, sport. You're a real champ.

Sincerely, Emmi

Thursday, October 7, 2010

So Much Writing So Little Time.

I keep thinking of awesome crap to write about, but I never have time to write. Honestly, right now I should be doing my German homework because I pretty much have tons of writing to do for German. Seriously, I have to keeps a journal for German. That's probably where all of my blogging energy is going. Seriously, I have written 10 entries in the last 2 weeks and I have to write 2 more before tomorrow.

Why am I blogging?

So in the spirit of continuing to avoid all homework, guess what I've been getting way in to??? COOKING! I write about this in my German journal, and if you knew German I would just C&P it cause its pretty much insanely good germaning on my part.

But seriously, I cook a big meal of everyone at least once a week. The first time I made stouffer's lasagna, texas toast (the kind that comes frozen) and ceasar salad from a bag. Classy. But since I went home for my birthday I've been doing this UP.

My mom gave me a book of recipes from home and I've been working my way through that. Last week I made Italian Chicken. I know, I know, "but Emmi! You don't like chicken!" Back up off. You know what I do like? Rice and sauce and cheese and the burnt sauce around the edges because now I can eat that cause my mom isn't here to eat it all.

Also,.... I forgot what I was gonna say.

So I've finally reached the point where my brain is like "ohhhh... THIS is what we're supposed to do!!!" and I'm doing homework and stuff. Its cool, but I have so much homework and its really stressing me out. That paired with work is a crazy mix so I dropped one of my classes (which reminds me, I forgot to email the professor and tell her I dropped.) It helps, and I get to sleep in now on Wednesday. Yay!

I keep losing my train of thought. This is what happens when I talk to people these days. I always feel all lonely so when I DO talk to someone from my family I go on and on about nothing because I'm just SO happy to talk to someone other than anyone who lives in Duluth. No offense to my UMD people at all. I don't think any of them read this anyway.

I don't know if anyone reads this actually. Its kind of one of those "talking to hear my voice" things.

Oh so back to food, I realized that everything I love is like 102% carbs and I'm probably going to be a whale by this time next year so I was talking to my sister about food I love and she suggested ways to not get fat and to make veggies less icky. I doubt it, but I'll try.

I have like 898923987122456125 pages to write in German now, so while I have VOLUMES more to write, I'll have to save that for later. Much later, because I like to work and do school stuff till my eyeballs bleed.