Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To The Toilet I Used At the DECC

Toilet, I admire your willingness and eagerness to do your job fully and effectively, and I suppose I should have taken seriously your warning when I opened the stall door. You know, when you flushed as if to say, "watch out. I'm one of those automatic flushy toilets and I will do my job as I please, damn it."

I did not take this warning seriously. You see, I was playing in the pep band so I really had only a very small window of opportunity to pee and get back in time to play again. Also, I really REALLY had to go. So I went.

Lets start from the very beginning of our acquaintance, toilet. I open the stall door. You give me a warning flush. I close the stall door, you flush again incase I didn't notice the first flush. I sit down, you flush three times in my duration of peeing. I have a rather small bladder so it was pretty much constant flushing on your part. I finish doing my thing and stand up, ready for your valiant final flush. Nothing. WTH toilet? Way to talk yourself up and then do NOTHING. I dance around like a lunatic or perhaps in some sort of ceremonial-automatic-flushy-toilet-dance, this pleases you. You flush. Twice.

Way to go, sport. You're a real champ.

Sincerely, Emmi

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