Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ok, So I Guess Breaks Are NOT the Best Time to Write...

I meant to write at some point in this last break but that didn't really work out. I have noticed that when I'm home the LAST thing I want to do is sit at my computer all day or even for 15 minutes. Especially this last weekend because it was my last weekend to be with my best friend Sam before he goes back to Chicago. Oh well!! It was a fun weekend and now I'm back to work, and I mean WORK.

This week is really intense. Its my first experience doing cares and I've been really nervous about it. Its really frustrating not being able to communicate with a lot of these campers, but I keep reminding myself that if its too frustrating for ME I should imagine what its like to live like these campers. Always being asked the same questions over and over without anyone understanding your answer. I feel guilty about my difficulties understanding the campers, but they don't seem to hold it against me.

So this is when I see that working at camp isn't all sunshine and puppies. Not all of the campers are kids necessarily and it still makes me somewhat uncomfortable to dress someone my age. I feel really crappy that I'm so uncomfortable and I know that the campers can see my poorly concealed horror. I feel awful about all of it. I really hope I can get used to this ASAP because I feel so guilty.

It seemed as though I had such an open week this week because I only have 3 nature sessions and before this week I wasn't much involved with helping in the cabins because the kids were able bodied, but I am working so much harder than I have any day before. At least I'm sure I'm earning my meager pay now. :)

I'm excited for my nature sessions that I do have, though, one fishing session (which hopefully will go better than last time) and one session in which we will be looking at owl pellets or microscopes, depending on which group I'm working with. My two other programs were canceled :(

So now I'm off to finish my work day (which hopefully won't end at 1130 pm like last night) toodles, guys!!!

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  1. Here's something to think about: as embarrassed as you are having to do these cares, think of the campers. Would you like having someone wiping you after using the toilet or brushing your teeth?

    Just remember, the campers are people too (I know you know that, but I'm just reiterating it). Act around them the way you would want a staff you act around you. if you are brushing their teeth, do it carefully. Would you like it if someone was brushing your teeth and you were jamming the brush back and forth? They might not be able to communicate normally, but they have the same thoughts and emotions that we do.

    It's hard. I know. And they know it's hard for you. They are used to it. They are used to having people do cares for them. It's hard for them too. I bet most of them wish they could just do their own cares.

    All you have to do is show compassion, treat them not as a chore, but as a person, and really, just show them that you care about them.

    If you need any help with this, let me know. I can get you some helpful resources about how to work with this population.