Saturday, June 12, 2010

Holy Mosquitos, I'm Here!

Ok so I realized I said I would write everyday but that's not gonna happen here. I'll be lucky to have time every other day I think. Also, this kayboard is stupid so sorry for typos.

So let me tell you about yesterday!!!

I started my drive to camp by saving a baby ducky's life on my way to the gas station. I was driving the the station and I saw a buncha duckies with their mommy and about a half block or so away was another lonely little ducky who didn't know where his mama was. I assumed the duckies up ahead were his family so I pulled over and scooped up the baby ducky (which was easy since the little guy just flipped out and threw himself on his back where he then got stuck. How are ducks not extinct? Hilarious.) So I brought him off of the street and over to the mama and they waddled off and lived happily ever after (awwww).

After that I got my gas and drove to the highway where I sat in non moving traffic for a good half hour. I think the traffic on the way to camp added about an hour to my commute and I made up some really awesome songs on the way about drivers I didn't like. Fun!

So I eventually got to camp and settled in with my new roommate (atleast for the next week) Jasmine! She's super duper neat. Actually, all of the people here are pretty awesome and I've made some pretty solid connections.

While walking around camp I saw MORE baby things! BABY SKUNKS!!!! So friggin cute, I wanted to hug them but they were stinky and angry. One of them was barking at someone. Yes, I'm sure these were skunks.

So the mosquito's are pretty awful here. Especially when you're walking through the woods and they attack you. Ick ick ick ick ick!!! I'm covered in bites despite deepwoods off. Nasty.

So I really like the work I'm doing and I'm super excited to actually get started! I'm going to be teaching nature classes to younger kids. The side of camp I'm working on is more focused on communication disorders so I have planned some really fun activities that stimulate communication skills. I was also really excited to learn that I will be teaching fishing skills to these kids on nice days. YAY! Seriously, I'm excited. I'm putting to gether a lot of other lesson plans too, so if anyone has any ideas of fun nature related activities let me know!

We've decided we're doing themed weeks and our first week of campers is going to be Harry Potter week. So cool.

Well I want to get back to socializing with the other program specialists, so I'll write again later! Toooodles!

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