Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last Full day With the Campers...

I'm excited to go home. I need to get away from here for a few days. I am a little sad though because these campers are cool and I'll miss them (though I'm sure a lot of other campers will be this cool) but mostly because I'll miss literacy hour. Since this is a literacy camp, there are two hours in the day dedicated to literacy skill building. Its nice as a program staff because that's the time I get to get my programs together for the rest of the day and to blog. I don't know how often or not I'll be able to blog without literacy hour but I guess we can all just wait and see.

Like I said yesterday, I'm bringing the boys fishing today during their program time. I am so excited! I really really hope this goes well. I want them to have pleasant memories of the nature program.

We put together a dance for the kids last night. It was really fun, though getting all the decorations put up and together was HELL (lets not talk about that). The kids loved the dance. the boys put on nice clothes (CLEAN clothes!) and cologne, and the girls put on dresses and did their hair and some even put on lipstick!

The boys got to the dance before the girls (obviously. primping takes time) and oh my goodness there were some NERVOUS boys there before the girls arrived. One kept pacing back and forth from the gym to the rec hall door saying, "where IS she?!" Awesome.

Eventually the girls got there and the party began. There was no shortage of junior high style boy-girl dancing. It was wonderful. The staff got really in to it too. We walked around and danced with kids or tried to convince kids to dance and in some cases we just sat and talked to the kids who didn't want to dance. It was a fun night.

Soon the dance ended and the "clean up staff," which I was part of, did their thing. The clean up was relatively quick and we went back to our quarters and showered and went to bed. Going to bed was my favorite part.

So now I just work through today and tomorrow and then I'm going HOME! I swear if there are tornadoes again as I'm trying to leave tomorrow, I'll drive through them. I don't care. I want to go home.

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