Monday, June 14, 2010

I Haz A Sleepy

I'm tired. Really, really, REALLY tired. I haven't been getting much sleep between working and trying to make friends but last night I had the added challenge of all of a sudden being a super light sleeper.

Well I shouldn't say SUPER light, because I'm pretty sure the loud squeaks my bed makes when I so much as wiggle a toe could wake everyone in my building. It took me a while to fall asleep and when I finally did so I kept waking up due to this squeaking. I just hope this light sleeping ceases and only returns when I'm doing night watches when the campers get here.

Though I was EXTREMELY irritable all day (which was expressed in me just being quiet because I don't want to snap at people who I just met and I have to spend the rest of my summer with) some good things did happen. When I was leaving my building to go to breakfast this morning I found a frog!!! He was super cute and little and green and he was just sitting at the door on the inside like he was waiting to be let out. I picked him up and held him for a few seconds and then let him go in the ferns beside the footpath to the dining hall.

Then something good happened that actually turned out bad and I got upset (but this might have happened yesterday. I don't know, the days are mooshing together). We did some little group thingy where we grouped up (as you usually would for a group activity) and everyone was given three pipe cleaners. We were told to make something that represented us using only these pipe cleaners and share it with the group.

Some people made some really cool and meaningful designs accompanied with beautiful explanations and stories. I of course made a monkey, my explanation being "cause I really like monkeys." I thought it was pretty legit and it was a REALLY good monkey! The leader of the activity then explained to everyone that we were gonna be all "symboly" and crap and take apart our designs to make one big design with our pipe cleaners that represented the group. Enter heartbreak. I took apart my beautiful purple, blue, and green pipecleaner monkey (but not without MUCH whining) and contributed to the "group effort." Whatever.

Oh, bonus short story: We had swedish meatballs for dinner and everyone judged me because I didn't have potatos with my meatballs. Well SOOOOORRY I didn't want to ruin my delicious meatballs with icky potatos! People....

Ok I want to go to bed early so that's all I'll write for now. I think I'll go swimming for a little bit and then shower and go to bed. Good night! :)

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