Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time to Start the REAL Work!!

Training week is over (thank God) and I had NO time to write over my break, so here I am after my first day back to camp. No campers for Woodland yet, but Lakeside(the side of camp I don't work on) got their campers today! YAY! Today was just an in-service day for program specialists (that which I am).

It was nice to have that time to get the rest of the stuff together that I need to get organized for my classes this week. However, I have had NO time to help with the planning for the night activity assigned to me. A lot of other people have taken charge of that and I feel really bad about it. We're doing a Harry Potter theme this week and I'm in charge of organizing our "Yule Ball" dance! I'm really excited but, again, really busy and having a hard time balancing everything I need to do.

Oh, btw, the fates did NOT want me to get to camp today!!! My GPS decided to give me really stupid directions, but thankfully I looked through the directions before going too far and turned completely around and made the 10 minute drive BACK home to get directions off google. That paired with slow downs at Walgreens and driving slow downs, I was a half hour late to my first activity. Thank goodness this was just an in-service day!

So now I'm in a new room (YAAAYYY!!! No more squeaky bed in Rotary!) so that's good, but its a blackhole of death for cellphones because its in the lower level of a building so the basement. The good thing about this is that its nice and cool. The bad thing is that its stanky. Speaking of stanky the showers and toilets in my new building are DISGUSTING. That is all.

Ok so I didn't want to be up too late and I didn't want to walk back to my room alone in the dark and I wanted to have time to shower and it seems that ALL trains have left the station, so I should go before the raccoons and that evil cat start roaming (rumor has it, I missed that goal too).

I'll talk to you all soon about my first campers!!! I can't wait! :D

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