Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day One of Campers!!!

The campers are here, and holy crap I still don't feel ready! There's so much to do still and I want to tell them to go home for like 2 more days!!!

I feel bad because I don't balance multiple tasks well, so the tasks I'm supposed to work with people on have been forgotten because the things I have to do on my own are so much more important that I get done (and they are still not complete). To make matters worse, today my program area was moved AGAIN so I had to take alllll of the stuff I had moved in to my "classroom" and move it to another class room way far away. I was pretty pissed. Then, I entered my new classroom/headquarters. Its beautiful. There's a huge picture window overlooking a green marsh filled with cranes (the bird) and a little porch that overlooks that same marsh. There are little glass display cases holding models of habitats including a fox taxidermy, a carved wooden loon model, and a forest display. There is also a computer with a digital microscope which I thought was really cool but the computer was ANCIENT and I didn't know if the microscope thing would work. This is when Anna opened a small closet revealing a WALL of telescopes! Nice ones too! I'm way excited to look at lake and marsh water under these microscopes with the kids! COOL!!!!

So now I'm about to go shower and hit the sack because this is going to be a BUSY week! Wish me luck! I'll try to write sometime before I go home, but no promises!

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