Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Such a Gloomy Day! Its a Little Nice...

There is no sun and its been raining off and on all day... Its WONDERFUL. Apparently the girls, my one and only program group today, are VERY tired because they had a bad camp out last night due to the rain and thunder. Their counselors asked me to do a low key program for them today and maybe just read them a book. Deal. I want to sleep too.

I found some more cool stuff in my nature area today, too!! I found owl pellets, sterile and ready to be dissected by the teen group next Friday!! Then, the next group that day will look at the findings under a microscope! I'm really excited about that stuff. Next week is gonna be awesome.

I have one more group of boys tomorrow and I'm a little nervous. I'm taking them fishing and I hope they enjoy it this time seeing as how the last program with them was an epic fail. I'm still working on getting good programs together. I mean I've only had 4 classes so far and these things aren't immediate. Hopefully fishing will go well. I don't actually plan to fish personally, however. I'll be baiting hooks and taking off fish the whole hour. I guess this is what they call Karma.

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  1. Cosmic payback on the fishing thing! All those times i never got to even pick up my own rod! Now, if you make it the entire hour without anyone hooking anyone else it will be a HUGE success!