Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Holy Crap It Is HOT AND HUMID!!!

I am trying to move as little as possible so to remain cool, buts its not working. I am in no way cool (ohh... :( ). My programs today went really well though. I brought the first group of kids (girls this time) on a nature hike through the woods where there are little reading posts where you can learn about the trees in the area etc. There was some complaining, but the percentage of girls complaining today was equal to the percentage of boys NOT complaining yesterday, so it was pretty decent. :)

With the second group of girls (a younger group) I brought them on a shorter hike with the objective of gathering fallen leaves. When we reached our destination, where crayons and paper were waiting, we made leaf stencils! The girls were really in to it and the pictures turned out great. One of the counselors from the girls' cabin asked if I wanted to go with them on their camping overnight tonight and I SO did, but tonight was my only night off and I wanted to get away from camp. I told her to tell me in advance when next week's camp out is, so I hope the girls next week are just as fun and friendly!

I'm starting to get antsy from being around the same people all the time which is pretty normal for me, but its extra hard when you're with people who don't know you very well yet and don't know what ticks you off so, of course, they don't know to avoid doing these things. I'm trying to shrug it off, but there's an added challenge when its hot and humid all the time and you don't get much sleep. I guess that's just life though. I really really wanted this job and I'm lucky to have gotten it and I'm not going to let the stupid little things I feel keep me from enjoying it.

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