Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 2 of Campers, Day 1 of Classes.

So after my classes today I decided that I need to never make pinecone bird feeders ever again. It was a sticky nightmare. Since we couldn't use peanut butter (due to allergies) we used corn syrup and grain based bird feeder. Corn syrup is really sticky and it gets everywhere and I think one kid ate some of his. Whats more is that the kids didn't really seem o enjoy the program much at all, so tomorrow I'm starting over with new program ideas involving coloring. Kids love coloring, right?

I'm starting to feel like I'm not doing enough around here. Its hard being a program staff because there's a lot of free time and not always a lot that needs to be done in the cabins. This week the cares are minimal, so program staff has a lot of free time which I have been using to sort through things in my new room, but I'm affraid that since people don't SEE me working they'll think I'm not doing my part. I'm sure its a silly unfounded fear though because I don't exactly go around looking for people who I don't think are doing enough work.

Oh, so on the wildlife front, I saw a fox today. It walked right by the window of my program area and stopped to look at me as though saying, "What? I'm a fox. What of it?" I liked the fox. I also caught a toad like 20 minutes ago and Randi wouldn't let me play with it because we had to come to the computer room where I am now. Lame. I miss my toad. His name was Arnold.

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