Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Starting A Business is HARD! *Pout*

So this summer I really MEANT to use my free time and money to get the ball rolling on my custom made beaded jewelery business and start an etsy shop. Both of the aforementioned have been squandered all through out the summer. I mean I'm not BROKE right now, but I'm in no position to be spending a ton of money, either.

So I'll still make custom jewelery for anyone who is looking to buy. I'd love to work with people putting together custom pieces. My sister just got a beautiful pendant that I'm going to make a necklace with for her eventually.

I guess what is really going on in my head is that I'm getting anxious. There are sooo many things I had planned to do this summer that i did not do because I was busy, obviously. I was ok with letting a lot of these things slide but now I'm feeling really desperate about it. I mean, they're not even really IMPORTANT things, other than getting a job (which I'm working on and starting to get nervous because I haven't gotten many interviews) but some things I really just would have enjoyed doing. Like FINALLY finishing Jane Eyre and starting Moby Dick and making some jewelery. I'm not good at doing things on a shorter time frame either, so a lot of these are as good as screwed.

My room is also REALLY messy which is stressing me out. Bleh.

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