Monday, August 9, 2010

A Darn Good Night!

Last night was exactly what I needed. I've been stressed and upset all week and barely able to keep a happy face for the campers, much less my fellow staff (just ask them!). But last night was a huge opportunity to blow off steam.

It started off with my sitting outside of the dinning hall while all the kids were in their asthma education class. I was making a few calls under false pretence of verious reasons to NEED to talk to person X or person Y. In reality I was just lonely.

After I got off the phone on my last call my boss, Corey, approached me. Looking serious (and I assumed he was serious because he had been in a meeting through the whole evening program and had missed me dressed up like a beached whale so the meeting HAD TO be important) he told me that there would be a mandatory staff meeting at 9:30 and we all HAD TO be in the cabins so we could go to the meeting together. i tried to crack a job about how, "someone is in trouble!" and Corey didn't laugh. This scared me. Corey always laughs.

So 9:30 roled around and I was in the cabin and EVERYONE was flipping out thinking we were all gonna be fired. I was fine with it because I know they aren't about to fire all of us 5 days before the end of camp and I also knew I didn't do anything.

The evening watch people couldn't go the the meeting so in the girls cabin, we assigned people roles so we could reenact what happened at this meeting. I called playing Corey because I love pretending to be people who are much bigger than I.

So eventually one of my other bosses (I have a lot of them) Justin came to the cabin and told everyone who wasn't on evening watch to follow him. A little down the dirt road he stopped and turned to us and said, "I have seen staff areas left a mess before, but I have NEVER seen anything this bad." Now, I've seen the staff areas look awful and if this mess was even worse than that I KNEW we would be there allll night. Still, I felt like something was up. The staff areas were cleaned earlier that day.

What was even more strange was where he was bringing us. He brought us up to the door of the reception building which is where several people work and the only reason staff go there is to use the computers (as I am doing now). He stood at the door and waited for us all to get together. He opened the door and we cringed in fear but.... TA-DA!!! PARTY WITH ICE CREAM CAKE!!!

After the party with ice cream cake (we brought some cake back to the evening watchers) we did the thing that I now realize my childhood severely lacked. SLIP 'N' SLIIIIDE!!! A big one! Down a hill!!!

I seriously almost peed myself with excitement. I mean, SERIOUSLY. I went down once and then felt the urge come on STRONG! I ran to the nearest bathroom (all the way accross the feild) and I swear I almost pottied trying to get to the toilet. The one time I regret having a one piece swimmy suit. I went down several more times and then we tried to play in the mud but it literally smelled like poo. Then we went down to the lake and everyone jumped in and washed all the mud off! Then then THEN we played water ninja. Its like ninja BUT IN THE WATER!!! Holy crappenoli. Best night ever!

I went back to my living area and showered and my clothes were all stanky but now I'm washing them. I spent some time with Nikki too and we chatted. Such a fun night.

I'm still in a good mood from that and now the athsma kids are gone. Tomorrow the celiac camp gets here and four days later I'm done!!!

But seriously, why did I go so long in my life without slip 'n' sliding? WHY?!?!

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  1. I had no money with which to spoil you...or because I was a very mean mom...take your pick!