Thursday, August 12, 2010

Soooo Ready To Go Home!

So all day I have been gathering topics I want to write on right now and I hope I remember them all!

First of all, the title topic. I want to go home. This is a really fun session but some staff are really getting under my skin (which is expected at the end of the summer). So far today I had two fishing groups. One was decent, but the other? Holy crap. Thanks for NO help cabin staff. I was seriously so frustrated at the attitude and lack of help I got from the cabin staff. the kids were fine, it was the staff that was the problem. That should not be so. Also, right now I am remembering another reason I want to be done with this session. Our cabin is freaking FILLED with flies. They keep landing all over me and buzzing around my head as I try to write.

In good things, the other fishing groups have been great. For one group I pretty much didn't have to do anything. I mean I still did, but the kids were so on top of all of their stuff and the counselors were so in to helping with the hooks the kids couldn't get out that I could almost have put a line in, myself! Almost.

but yeah, there's a lot of stuff I'm getting sick of here. Working in the cabins is tough. I just want like 2 seconds of me time. Even now I am surrounded by screaming children.

Ok, so kids are freaking everywhere and I actually can't think enough right now to finish and post this. I'll add more later. Sorry for the lack of info!!

*Grumble grumble grumble* Effing flies. >:(

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