Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Have Never Appreciated Rain So Much

So I've talked to a lot of people at home complaining about the heat. MY sister even posted how miserable it is on her blog and how she can't turn off her AC. Some other friends have had similar complaints and all I can say is this:


Yes, we in Maple Lake are too experiencing the heat and humidity, but in this heat and humidity AC is not an option! Nor is going inside for extended amounts of time (not that you would want to because inside is worse than outside lately.

We got a break today. It was hot humid and rainy in the morning, but then it cooled down. Tomorrow, it will be hot, even MORE humid, and I will punch a newborn puppy in the face. I looked at the forecast. This heat won't break until two days AFTER camp ends. In the meantime I'll be leading fishing programs and when I'm not doing that I'm a counselor this week so I'll be doing whatever (probably outdoor) activities my cabin is doing.

Yes, I WILL complain about this. I will complain about this A LOT! I want AC and a hug!!!

In other news, this session is the celiac camp! Thats a genetic condition where the kids can't eat any gluten at all or bad things happen. Gluten is in pretty much everything and the kids can't normally go to camps because of this intolerance. There's not a lot of gluten free food offered anywhere. Also, gluten free chocolate chip cookies are incredible. I wanted to eat them forever.

I'm liking working in the cabins. The girls in my cabin think I'm crazy, and that's cool cause I guess I am. Today at the opening campfire (which we DID have after the rain cleared up) I was in a really awesome skit. You know the thing where you put your arms behind your back and the person behind you is your arms? I was the person in the front. Needless to say I ended up literally COVERED in apple sauce, water, soap, and shampoo from head to toe. My clothes from today are in the wash now. I had a ton of fun acting that part though and yelling fun things like, "OH I'M SOOO HUNGRY! I LIKE MY APPLESAUCE ON MY FOREHEAD! ITS MORE DELICIOUS THAT WAY!" also, at what other job is it not only acceptable, but ENCOURAGED that you do that while getting applesauce smeared on your face by someone standing behind you? No where. So I enjoy the opportunity.

I've noticed this pattern with me when I'm at camp where I'm either really tired or bouncing off the walls hyper and silly. I do it for the kids, of course..... :)

I don't know what else to write about right now and I really need to switch loads like 30 minutes ago. Oops. I guess my clothes will sit in the dryer over night. I'll write more later, though!


  1. If it makes you feel better, we don't have power at the house right now. So no super cold air conditioning with fans blowing everywhere to keep me nice and cold :)

  2. I thought it would make me feel better, but now I'm just sad for Aric! Poor baby in the heat and humidity!