Sunday, August 8, 2010


The lunch fairies have blessed me today.

We have only had grilled cheese ONCE this whole summer and when we had it it was with chicken noodle soup. Today before lunch I thought to myself, "I really hope we have grilled cheese and tomato soup..." and VOILA!!!!! GRILLED CHEESE AND FREAKIN TOMATO SOUP! Commence day being MADE!!!

Ok, so I realize the title of this post pretty much only pertains to that short blip, but get over it. I'm the queen of random.

It has been almost a FULL WEEK since I have last posted! GASP!!!! See, when I'm at home I never think anything is memorable enough to post. I spent some great times with some great friends and worked my butt off on tons of apps because I NEED A JOB WHEN I GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!

... I was gonna write about something but then I forgot.... crappin cupcakes.

Yesterday I celebrated (well not really celebrated since I'm away at camp and he is not) the 1 year anniversary of when Elliott and I started dating! The second time!!! DAAAWWWWWW!!!!

Yesterday I also found a TOOOOONNNNN of froggies. Their names were, in order: Geronimo, Luigi, Reginald, and Captain Stickypants(he climbed up the wall). This was all within 5 minutes of each other when I was walking to my room from the reception building at night. during the day yesterday I found a frog and a toad named Cindy and Bertha respectively. They were so fun!!! I love them all.

This week is not going as quickly as I thought it would, but its quick enough. The first four days are the asthma camp and the next four days will be celiac camp (gluten free food). I was nervous for the celiac camp because my mom informed me that it would be the, "meat and potato" week. Now I'm not too wary because I have been informed that the camp is so short because courage Center can't afford to pay the SPECIAL CHEFS all week! Yeah, chefs that specialize in gluten free foods. It was explained to me like this: These kids don't get good food 361 days out of the year. They always have to be super cautious of what they eat and the quality of gluten free is not always the best. Not to mention they can't go out to dinner because very few restaurants are gluten free. So when they're here, Courage Center sees to it that they eat well. Very very well. This works out for the staff too. :P

In between the two sessions I have one night off so its not worth going home. Instead, my dad and step mom will be meeting me in Maple Grove for dinner at Granite City. Yussss.....

So if I stop now the first and last topics will be food, thus justifying the title I had selected before I even started writing. Cool. I love pudding. I hope we have it for dessert.....

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