Thursday, August 12, 2010

Finishing What I Started

So yeah, I'm leaving tomorrow. When I look back it was overall a good experience working at camp courage. There were some shitty days, some REALLY shitty days, some good days, and some GREAT days. When I think back, though, I don't see days at all. I see moments. And I don't see the moments I wanted to throttle my coworkers (except the recent experiences today, but those will fade), I see happy moments. I see fun late night swims, spin the bottle truth or dare, the staff slip 'n' slide night, countless campers I fell in love with. I remember leading the MILK song at the top of my lungs, cabin staff who were SO helpful in my program area, conquering my fear of cares, and the awesome friends I made at Camp Courage.

I would say I don't want to leave, but you would all know that to be a lie. I do want to leave, but I don't want to leave the great memories. The fun things about memories is that you don't have to leave them! YAY!

Oh I also don't want to leave all the froggies. I love froggies.

Ok so I also wanted to tell you more specifically about this session! It was great that I didn't have several kids this session comment about my short stature (fun fact: even with communication disorders NO OTHER KIDS commented about my height that much! wth?!).

I worked and lived in the cabins, which was really fun! I actually had a girl tell me I was her favorite counselor! It was a lot of work this week, but it was a nice pace. I didn't get TOO stressed other than the stress of the end of the summer and wanting to go home. One girl, Emily, has been my buddy this session. Well, her and Rose who drew me an awesome picture of a purple cat. Emily said she wants to email and keep in touch after camp. I'm glad I made such an impact as a counselor! So it late and I REALLY need to shower the nasty sweat off of me from another intense game of "Zoo Break" so I'll try to write again within the next week!

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