Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Herzliche Gruesse Aus Deutschland!

HI!!!! I'm sorry I haven't posted at all, but we had problems with the internet. I HAVE however been writing posts for you all and saving them in word documents, so I'll be posting them pretty soon, however I do not know how to post them on their actual dates so screw it I'll just C&P

First though, I'm going to confuse you guys and give you today's low down. I have fallen in love. With Le Crobag. Its a bakery counter thinger that's at a lot of the train stations. They have "Wurst Croissant" there and that's the only thing I've gotten because its the only thing I need to get, ever. Its like pigs in a blanket but a MAGICALLY DELICIOUS german sausage (AKA a natural casing hotdog but 800% better than any I have ever had in America) wrapped in a fluffy flaky croissant. I don't need to say anymore. Stop drooling on your computer, you'll ruin it.

You know what else is surprisingly good? Banana beer. I drank 2 of those (larges, naturally) last night. It was magical. But also I got my ego crushed. the bar tender asked my professor if I was really old enough to drink. "Old enough" for beer in Germany means 16 years old. Hate. So I drowned my sorrows in Bananenweizen.

It's 1 o'clock here and we recently got back to the house after touring Sanssouci which is by the way like 2 blocks from the house. It was WONDERFULLLL!!!!

Here are my stats for Deutschland so far:
Beers Drank: 3 (1.5 L)
Best Food: Wurst Croissant
Most Interesting Thing Learned Since My Last Post: Bananentoaster (literally translated: Banana toaster) is slang for a nude beach.
Best Moment Since Last Post: Ok this is kind of a story here...
The first night when I stayed with two other students in the Hotel in Berlin we decided to go out to dinner. You can read more about where we went and what I ate when I post my other posts. One of the girls i was with got a platter with bread, cold cuts, cheese, and veggies. Pretty much a make your own little sammich platter. Its pretty common in Deutschland. So we're all finishing up and she says, "you guys should try this cheese. Its really good it actually melts in your mouth." I took a little piece and ate it and the other girl took a piece at ate it. My first impressions was that it tasted pretty garlicy. That's when the second girl said, "That's not cheese, it's butter." In girl 1's defense, German butter is a LOT better and tastes different from American butter buuuuttttt...... She ate straight butter. Fail.


I'll have to edit this post and add pictures later, our lesson begins soon! :( But I'll post the older posts I wrote first! :D

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