Tuesday, May 17, 2011

C&P Because I don't have time to do anything else!

The beginning of the adventure! (5:30pm US time)

So I had to write this in a Word document because the interwebz at MSP is fucky, but after a sexy pat down (I can’t go through the beeper thinger because of my shunt) I am waiting at get H6 for my plane which is slightly delayed L. After almost a whole yearof waiting and planning and waiting some more, I am FINALLY on my way to Deutschland! Well, actually right now I’m on my way to Iceland, but after that ON TO GERMANY! Actually, after Iceland I’m stopping in Amsterdam for customs, THEN ON TO GERMANY! FOR REAL!!!

Fun thing of the day today, I was walking down past H6, because my step mom is catching a flight at H10 and as I was walking I was looking at the signs for the other terminals. I passed terminal “H8a” and giggles to myself. TEEHEE!!!! Hate-a!

I know I should got get something to eat, but I really have no idea what I might even want right now. I had chipotle earlier (because what else would you eat before leaving the US for almost a month???) so I’m REALLY not that hungry. That being said, I know I’m going to be eating those words (Haha!) on the flight when all I have to eat is shitty airline food, water (cause I want to sleep so pop would be bad), and some little bags of teddy grams and cheez-its, oh right, and beer. God bless Europe.

Ok, seriously, I keep hearing people going on about “oh they have wifi here” but I can’t get any connection! WTF?!?!?!

UPDATE: They have wifi but you need a code and I don’t have a cell phone so I can’t call the place to get it. #$%@!!!!!!!!!

I’m Heeeere!!! (Saturday, 11:30pm Germany Time)

I successfully navigated the airports (even doing all the crazy crap I had to do in Amsterdam, i.e. pick up my bag at the claim, check in and get my boarding pass, get a new destination tag for my luggage, check my luggage, and go through security) and I learned some interesting stuff about Iceland! On Icelandair flights they have TV screens on the back of every chair and before the plane takes off, the TV screens show pictures of and trivia about Iceland. Turns out, the most popular restaurant in Iceland is a hot dog stand, the Prime Minister’s number is listed in the phone book, there are 13,000 km of road through Iceland wilderness, 60% of Iceland’s 300,000 citizens live in Rekjavik, some high percent of Icelanders believe in elves annddd…. That’s all I can remember. Cool, huh?!

At one point, it was either between the US and Iceland (5 hours) or Iceland and Amsterdam (2 ½ hours), I fell asleep with my hand slightly curled like how your hands curl when you’re relaxing. I woke up and my right hand had become so swollen that I couldn’t straighten my fingers before I massaged it with my other hand and moved it around a lot.

So then I got to Germany. You know how when you do something you’ve always wanted to do it takes a while for it to seem real and like you’re ACTUALLY there? Yeah, NOT what I’m experiencing right now. I’m staying in a [really nice!] hotel tonight with two other girls from my course and we decided to go for a walk and find a place to eat dinner. We rode the S-Bahn (underground train) to the city center and walked around and found a restaurant to eat at. I LOVE Berlin! It’s kind of like new York only it’s not disgusting and smelly with obnoxious asshole people everywhere and its really clean so actually I guess that means its not like New York. Its WAY better (I don’t really like New York though).

We went around for a while and found a place to eat. It was a little English style Pub. The waitress (there was only one because this place was little and cute) was SUPER nice and humored us by speaking in German to us regardless of the fact that our horrible broken German probably made her want to cry. I was SO famished because I had eaten very little in the last 24 hours that I Got the Lentil and sausage soup. It seemed the least potatoey Brits and Germans love Potatoes. I ate around the potatoes and had a delicious coke with it. It was good.

In case anyone is wondering, no I have not had any beer, wine, champagne, or anything alcoholic. And since I ate pretty much nothing in the last 24 hours, I feel like that is completely ok and a wonderful idea.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell about one of my favorite parts of the day. The three of us who are staying at the hotel tonight met at the Berlin Tegel airport and took a cab to the hotel together. The Cab driver was AWESOME! He told us all about the historic places we were passing. Imean of course we knew about the wall etc, but he showed us the German parliament building and drove us past this place where the Nazis used to perform public executions by hanging people from meat hooks or guillotine. Creepy and icky, I know, but he showed us things that we never would have known of otherwise.

Well it’s almost midnight here and I am DEAD tired. Bed time!!! Good night (although I’m going to have to post this tomorrow when I get to the Hostel.)

At the Hostel! (Sunday 15/5, 11:28 am Germany Time)

We (Crystal, Mylii, and I) got to the hostel about an hour ago after an hour of travel through Berlin walking, riding the U-Bahn (underground), and the S- Bahn (above ground). It was a fun and scenic trip. I have really enjoyed being a Foreigner trying to find my way around the city. Seriously!!! It’s the best way to learn the area! Today I ate the most heavenly thing I have ever had. A Wurst Croissant. My god, heaven. No hot dogs, not even ambassador natural casing hot dogs compare to this meat, and no croissant ANYWHERE in America compares to this flakey yummyness. I died. I definitely had a moment with the wurst croissant. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Ok I need to stop. I’m going to die. Summed up, best. Shit. Ever.

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