Monday, May 9, 2011

End of the Semester and Getting Ready for The Adventure of My Life (so far)!!!!

So, it's been a while. I haven't blogged since just before this semester was in session and now its about to end so yeah, it's been a whole while!

I'll just start off by saying that this semester has been wonderful. LOTS of stress as I tried to get everything together for my trip to Germany, starting FRIDAY! Probably about a month ago I went to the office of admissions to see if I could have my "big ole chunk'o monay" scholarships reinstated now that my GPA is beyond good enough and climbing (I got an email in February informing me that I made the Dean's List Fall semester!) and the guy I talked to told me I could send a letter to the scholarship committee and explain that my first semester GPA sucked because, as it turns out, I suck at science at a college level. Maybe using some nicer words, maybe not. He gave me the option to write the letter before Spring 2011 grades come out and risk being turned down because really so far I have had one scheisslich semester, one good one, and one kickass one and it might help to show that the kickass semester wasn't just a fluke.

Since then I've been pushing really hard to get on the Deans List again. I feel like if I can do that this semester I pretty much have my scholarships in the bag. It's going well, and by the way I am learning through finals studying that stats classes are a LOT easier when you read the book. In other words, I'm going to rock the face off of my Quantitative Research Methods and Analysis final and finish with a high B which should be an A but whatever.

After that final I have my Beethoven to The Beatles music class final. Puh-lease. Challenge? I think not. THEN! After THAT final it's home for a day and a half and OFF TO TRAVEL THE WORLD!

I am scared out of my pants for my first trip to Europe. I'll be flying there alone and taking a course for three weeks with 15 other students from UMD/U of M Twin Cities before visiting my liebe Judith for 4 days in her home town of Neuss, which is a suburb of DUESSELDORF! She has told me some of the plans she has for us and I definitely support them. Koeln Chocolate Museum? Yes please!

So I'll be trying to update my blog while in Germany but that might not happen too much has I have to write 2 pages in German JEDEN TAG (every day) while taking my course, but the hostel has wifi, so I'll definitely be Tweeting again(EmmiJo925)!!

I have a lot more to write about, but its late and I have finals tomorrow! I'll just leave you with this last happy little story:

I am so moved by how kind some people can be! I am getting to Berlin a day before the hostel will be ready for us so I asked my professor at the last trip meeting about finding a hotel or hostel for that night. Two other women from my group who I KIND OF know but not very well chimed in and told me that I could stay in their hotel room for that night with them. Its so cool that people would do that for someone they don't know very well and I'm extremely appreciative! It sure takes a lot of stress out of this experience!

So I think that will be it until I'm in Germany! Bis Spaetter, Liebe Leute!

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