Friday, May 20, 2011

Cooking for 46 people sucks.

As you can see from my post title, I had to be in a group that cooked lunch for everyone else in the Polish-German-American program today. It was STRESSFUL and frustrating because certain people from certain countries east of Germany were being rather bossy. It was a good day nonetheless, like all here in Germany because lets face it, I'm in freakin Germany.

We finally got in groups to do the project we're all working together on. Its a digital map of Potsdam that you can click and hear sound-bytes on. It will be posted on the U of M homepage, and I can link to it on my blog later this summer when it has been posted!

I chose to do the new world heritage union-y type place in Potsdam, because it JUST opened a few days ago and I don't know anything about it. Being in this group is such an interesting experience, because although there are students of English in the Polish group, there are some who are students of German and don't speak English. In my group, our only common language is German and I am the only American in the group. It is so fun! What an interesting and new experience!

The Polish people are teaching us new words, but not only can I not remember any of them, I can't spell them with my keyboard. The only one that I do remember and can spell is "Jako Tako" pronounced like "yako taco" It means so-so, as in, "How are you today?" "Meh, Jako Tako."

I would write more today, but that's about all that happened and I have to do homework!

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