Friday, September 17, 2010

Not Too Distant Future.

As promised, here is my update of how life has been since I got back to UMD.

Busy. Busy busy busy busy. Seventeen credits, my first upper division class, work, busy. I'm loving my classes, though. I'm taking German, Research Methods and Analysis, Deviance, American Indian Studies, First Aide/CPR, and Pep Band.

I like my classes in general, but its tough to have Intermediate German at 8am 4 days a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays SUCK because I have intermediate German from 8-9, Research methods and analysis(holy shit boring) from 9-11, and Deviance from 1:30-12:45 and once I'm through with all of my training my evenings will probably be taken up by my work as a PCA.

Speaking of work, I'm beginning to see that this job (working as a personal care attendant) is pretty much the best job for me. The company through which I am working is really flexible with scheduling and I can make special requests as to my working requests such as, I would like to work with either a child or a small adult so I can more efficiently aide with personal care if necessary. Also, even if I work in a group home, there will be ONE client with whom I work. I won't have to be overwhelmed with a ton of people with a bunch of different needs, and I only have to read through one case file. Sadly, when I start working I don't think I'll write too much specific information or even fun stories about the client since I am only working with one person and its really easy for people to look at my blog and perhaps find out information they don't need to know. In other words, HIPAA as returned to my life. Yay personal assistant jobs. If you don't know what HIPAA is, look it up or get a job working with patients or people with disabilities.

Well I would write more, but I have to eat and go to MORE class. Bleh. But its pep band so that's fun. :D

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